ARENA (Dec. 1999) is a single level for DooM2. Fight an increasingly ferocious variety of monsters in, what else, an arena. Stay quick on your feet and light on your trigger.

SOMETHING WICKED THIS WAY COMES (Jan. 2002) is a single, fully vanilla DooM-compatible map, and the first in my Wicked series. You're in a medium-sized, moderately-detailed base with the usual assortment of bad guys.

WICKEDLY SIMPLE (Feb. 2002) is a single level for DooM2, and the second in my Wicked series. Two arenas with plenty of cannon fodder, plus some of your bigger friends.

NO REST FOR THE WICKED (Feb. 2002) is a single level for DooM2, and the third in my Wicked series. It's a medium-sized "spooky", hellish-themed level, with lots of architectural detail. The Doomer's Recess 2002 Great DooM Releases

AND THE WICKED SHALL PERISH (May 2002) is the fourth in my Wicked series. This is a large base, with plenty of bad guys and the maximum architectural detail allowed in vanilla DooM.

DEATH COMES NOT GENTLY TO THE WICKED (Oct. 2002), fifth in my Wicked series, is a large city-themed map. Like other maps in the series it has the maximum architectural detail allowed in vanilla DooM. 2002 Great DooM Releases

THE WICKED & THE DAMNED (Jun. 2003), sixth in my Wicked series, is a dimly lit base that has seemingly lost its electrical power and appears to be strangely devoid of enemies. Screenshots.

WICKED BE THE WAYS OF MEN (Feb. 2005), seventh in my Wicked series, is a map in which each skill level "starts" the map at a different location, thus allowing the player to progress through the map in at least three different ways. It also features areas that are only accessible to specific skill levels. Screenshots.

DAMNATION AWAITS THE WICKED (Sept. 2006), eighth in my Wicked series, features a hellish-themed map that is fully playable using vanilla DooM (i.e., the original doom2.exe) and which include the maximum amount of architectural detail possible. Screenshots.

HELP ON EARTH (Dec. 2007) started out as a joke wad, and many elements of a joke wad are maintained throughout - shitty texturing, non-existent texture alignment, enemies stuck to walls, missing upper/lower textures, etc. But somewhere along the way I decided to try and make it a fun and challenging map too. So I guess it's a joke wad with a good punch line. [Get it? 'Punch' line? Heh.] Playable from a pistol start; fully compatible with DooM2.exe

EXALT NOT THE WICKED (June 2011), ninth in my Wicked series, features all DooM2 enemies (except the SS Nazi) and weapons. I whipped out this map in under 2 weeks, and did it at the request of DBThanatos. Despite being vanilla-compatible, it is architecturally detailed within DooM's limits, and has a non-linear design that requires the player to re-visit areas previously visited, but without requiring back-tracking.

BY THE PRICKING OF MY THUMBS ... (Nov. 2017), tenth in my Wicked series, is an 11-map set for DooM2, with a few areas as homages to the original. This is intended for vanilla DooM2, and as such it extends my Wicked series. Screenshots.

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