INVICTUS (Jul. 2001) is a single level replacement for E1M7, submitted to DooM Center for the E1 contest. My first ever attempt at a map for the original DooM. Re-released to 3darchives in Jan. 2002.

PHOBOS REVISITED (Sep. 2004) is a DooM I Episode 1 replacement compatible with vanilla DooM. Because the wad is meant to be playable with DooM.exe the maps are not excessively detailed. However, when there is no risk of getting a VPO error the areas are considerably more detailed that the original E1 maps. The bases on the Phobos Moon have been re-built after the initial alien assault. Unfortunately, there's been another assault. (Like you didn't know that was coming.) The set received one of DooM World's 11th Annual Cacowards for wad of the year. You can see screenshots here.

DEIMOS: SLIGHT RETURN (Dec. 2011) is a nine-map replacment for Episode 2 of The Ultimate DooM (DooM I). In a similar vein to my Phobos Revisited, I built an episode that resembles the original and is 100% vanilla-DooM compatible, but has more detail, has tougher gameplay, and has extra areas to explore. Screenshots.

INFERNOS (Dec. 2012) is a 9-map Episode III replacement for The Ultimate DooM. It has the look and feel of the original Episode III, but with different progression, tougher gameplay, and more detail. As with my other Ultimate DooM episode replacement projects, this game is 100% vanilla-DooM compatible. Screenshots.

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