The Phobos Directive is a production of The Persecution Complex, and is a 9-map GZDooM hub for DooM Episode 1. It features:

* Eight new enemies (including new enemy behavior with DECORATE)

* Four weapon upgrades and a new ammo type

* Nine inventory items

* Fabulous new music

* New graphics and sounds

* Mission-driven gameplay with multiple objectives

* A real-time mission roster that helps you to navigate the hub.

Several maps in the hub can be played through in any order, adding to the replayability of the game. Additionally, in many areas, the type of ammo, weapon upgrades, and enemies you encounter will change with the weapons you have.

System Requirements:

The Phobos Directive requires GZDoom 1.5.6 or higher
To use the GL features you'll need a Hardware-Accelerated Video Card w/at least 256 MB video RAM

Download the game here.

Read the text file here.

The Persecution Complex is:

DB Thanatos: Enemies, Weapons, play-testing, etc.
Jeff Ligda: Music, play-testing
Nigel 'Enjay' Rowand: Technical Management, play-testing, etc.
Rex Claussen: Maps, Game Design, Enemies, Weapons, play-testing, etc.

Sector VI: Materiel Processing
Sector VIII: Phobos Anomaly
Sector II: Primary Reactor
Sector IV: Command Post Omega
Sector VI: Materiel Processing
Sector V: Fissile Materials Lab
Sector VI: Materiel Processing

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