DooM Nexus: The Abaddon Review

My 2 Cent Take on The Abaddon

The Abaddon - Deepak [richter3456] Dhillon
DooM2 (ZDooM) - Solo Play - 146296 bytes

.: Overview

This is a single-player map that plays on Map05 of DooM2. In the words of the author: "It's a medium sized, hellish themed map which shouldn't be too difficult to beat."

.: Themes

The map has a nicely-done hellish theme, which remains more-or-less consistent throughout. The author uses a handful of new textures, all which blend well with the stock DooM textures. Sector-based lighting is done in an old-school way but is used to good effect, and many parts of the map are quite atmospheric. Some of the areas are downright creepy (e.g., the path to the armor and computer map). There is a new music track, which I'm guessing is from DooM3: BFG Edition. [The text file indicates no new music, and does not provide a credit for the MUS file.] The architecture and detailing are quite ordinary, and in some places it looks downright plain. The texture choices are good, but the alignment is occasionally poor.

.: Map Design

This is a fairly non-linear map, with some side areas to explore and some back-tracking. The computer map is available in one of the side areas, but is entirely unnecessary, unless it is to help find the secrets. There are six secrets in all, but I was able to find only four of them. You will need to find all three keys to complete the map, and be warned that the location of the red key is not readily evident. If you miss it, you'll reach the red-key door and have to shlep back to an area previously visited to find it. Otherwise, your progress is intuitive and you're not likely to get lost.

.: Gameplay

The gameplay mostly features encounters that allow you to retreat and use a duck-and-snipe method of attrition. There are several traps, but they are generally manageable, serving mostly to keep you on your toes. [I did, however, like the trap when I rushed to pick up the blue key.] You'll pick up the super-shotgun, shotgun, and chaingun in short order. Later, you'll get a plasma rifle, but will have limited cell-ammo for most of the map. A chainsaw and rocket-launcher can be found in secret areas, but I did not find the need for them. A berserk pack is provided, which again, has a limited use because of the monster mix the author throws at you. There's plenty of ammo, adequate amount of armor, and just the right amount of health for a careful player (even at UV skill). There is a hella number of chaingunners, and in some areas it's not a good idea to just rush in with guns blazing. Mostly, however, the opposition can be subdued with the right balance of discipline and fun.

.: Wrap Up

This is a map that has some enjoyable gameplay, despite looking plain in many areas.

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