DooM Nexus: Akuma's Super Fun Time Review

My 2 Cent Take on Akuma's Super Fun Time

Akuma's Super Fun Time - Anotak
ZDooM DooM2 - Solo Play - 94940 bytes

.: Overview

This is a single map for ZDooM, and it features both indoor and outdoor areas; close-range fights in cramped areas, and battles in a big, outdoor area; the option of causing monster in-fighting, or going toe-to-toe against enemies individually. In other words, you get a little bit of everything.

.: The Look & Feel

The architecture, detailing, and texturing of the indoor areas are nicely done; the detailing of the large, exterior area is not. Admittedly, it requires a good eye and a great deal of patience to properly detail landscapes, but ZDooM facilitates the creation of natural-looking terrain. So it was a little disappointing to see the long stretches of somewhat plain rock walls and pillars.

.: Gameplay

I found the progression of gameplay suited my playing style quite well. It starts out with light resistance and gets increasingly more difficult, with adequate weaponry provided at appropriate points in the game. Once you become familiar with the layouts you can play more daringly, taking greater risks to get the adrenaline going. In the big, outdoor area the author has provided strategically-placed cover, but the swarms of enemies leave little chance of camping until you've thinned out the ravening hordes. The two battles that do not give you the opportunity of ducking out of sight and sniping are frenetic and unpredictable, and exactly why so many of us play DooM. Additionally, at no point does the gameplay become overwhelming or frustrating.

.: Questionable Choices

The one thing that puzzled me is why the author chose to use ZDooM, rather than making it playable on any limit-removing port. With the exception of the MAPINFO lump, the wad contains virtually nothing else that specifically provides ZDooM features. Even the MAPINFO lump, in my opinion, could have been omitted - it serves only three minor functions: changing the map name, changing the music, and preventing jumping.

Oh, and this is the author's first released map.

.: Wrap Up

In summary, this is a mixed bag. For a debut release it is quite respectable - it avoids many of the pitfalls of first-time wads, and provides five to ten minutes of entertainment while mostly looking good. On the other hand, it is somewhat inconsistent in the detailing department and at UV there is an excess of armor, ammo, and health - which, in turn reduces the level of tension that many players look for. However, having said this, let me conclude by saying you could do worse than playing this map. Far, far worse.

Area near start
Nice height variation
Large, outdoor area
Aftermath of battle at exit