DooM Nexus: Deployment Base Review

My 2 Cent Take on Deployment Base

Deploy1 - Scott Sutherland
Doom2 vanilla - Solo - 44221 bytes

.: Overview

This is a single map for DooM2, originally created in 1996 by Scott Sutherland but uploaded by Perseus in 2012. It plays on Map01, but has enemies and weaponry more suitable for a later map. It does have its moments, but for the most part the game is no different from the hundreds of maps that were released when players discovered the wonders of creating sectors with DCK.

.: It's Dated, and it Shows

The first thing that strikes you is how uniform-looking and featureless the map is. Done largely in the GSTONE texture theme, the appearance belies the theme suggested by the name of the wad. Long, straight walls characterize most rooms, which are connected with narrow corridors, all bathed in the same level of lighting. There is little height variation, generally poor texture alignment, and improper texture pegging of doors and lifts that result in the "disappearing" door/lift effect. All of these are hallmarks of a first-time mapper, which the author probably was. On top of everything, many doors are unmarked, requiring frequent referencing of the automap. Fortunately, the author provides a computer map early in the game, making progress somewhat easier.

.: Uninteresting Design & Gameplay

Thankfully, the map design is less amateurish than its look, but that's still not saying much. There is a considerable amount of backtracking required, not all of it intuitive (e.g., after picking up the yellow key). In addition, there is some interconnectivity of areas, which adds a veneer of interest to an otherwise uninspired design. Gameplay is somewhat better, with the player being pitted against tougher enemies right from the start. Most of the time you have plenty of room to maneuver, virtually eliminating any semblance of challenge. To his credit, however, the author has avoided the tendency of new mappers to throw wave after wave of bosses and mini-bosses in impossible-to-win situations. The game is liberally sprinked with cannon-fodder, and they can be used to create monster infighting in many situations. Not that you need to conserve ammo or health, as they abound throughout. There is also an excess of armor and powerups, and you get overpowered weapons fairly early in the game without having to work for them at all. The boss fight at the end is laughable, given that you are amped up to the gills with powerups when you arrive there. The author has even provided an invulnerability at UV skill.

.: Wrap Up

If you have an itch that keeps you up at night for an early-era map that reminds you of how far DooM mapping has come, then this map may be for you. Otherwise, give it a pass.

Monster infighting
Rare height variation
Obligatory outdoor area
A MegaSphere and a green armor?
A MegaSphere and a green armor?