DooM Nexus: Ganyemed Moonbase Review

My 2 Cent Take on Ganyemed Moonbase

Ganyemed Moonbase - Nick and Rob
Doom2 limit-removing - Solo - 239361 bytes

.: Overview

This is a single map for DooM2 that, despite being recently uploaded to the idgames archives, appears to have been crafted in the 1990s. [And before you get too excited, I use the word "crafted" very loosely.] The text file indicates the editors used were WadEd and DMAUD, suggesting that my 1990s theory is correct. The game is, as the wad name indicates, base-themed and is nice-looking in parts. It has some new sounds, which I found agreeable. Game-play, on the other hand, leaves quite a bit to be desired.

.: From the Moonbase .....

This map is decently designed, with a central "hub" area that has doors leading to other areas on the moonbase. You start in a control room of, what presumably is, a space transport vehicle. You see a cabin with a bunk bed, and lockers stuffed to the gills with ammo, and wonder what prompted the authors to cram more ammo into a single area than a whole platoon might be able to carry (but more on that later). You find yourself in the aforementioned hub, and proceed to explore, back-tracking when you have cleared each area. In keeping with the theme of a moonbase, there are computer rooms, cabins with bunk beds and closets, a lounge & bar, and even a his-and-her pair of toilets. [If you look closely at the imp in the ladies room you may notice that it sports a pair of boobs. Dispatch it summarily, as you may be wont to do, and you'll miss it.] The architecture and texture choices are mostly competent, but there are some obvious instances of texture misalignment. In general, however, there is enough variation in the look of the map to hold some appeal. One of the new sounds is that of the player, which introduces a bit of personality to the otherwise taciturn and humorless DoomGuy, and conjures up an image of a slightly gleeful Sean Connery. Can anyone say: "Exshellent!"?

.: .... Into the Freighter

The map design forces backtracking, which is often a good thing. Unfortunately, it also forces you to return to the start area frequently, because that's where all the ammo is stashed. The text file does tell you this, but it doesn't make the fact any more palatable. Had the authors furnished you with a backpack, the constant retracing of your steps might have been minimized. On top of that, you are given several double-barrelled shotguns during the first third of the game, no other weapons, and minimal opposition to dispatch. Expending two shells to toast a zombieman? Seriously? You do pick up some other weaponry (including the workhorse shotgun) eventually, but by then you've run your feet ragged, racing back to the lockers in the start area to restock. There is a rocket behind one of the bunks, and this raised my hopes. Alas, the rocket is unreachable, and the rocket launcher is in marked abeyance anywhere in the map. To top everything off, health is virtually absent from all but one area of the map, the ostensible "Medical Center". What makes thing worse is that there is a mere 171 health points at UV skill, making it imperative to play exceedingly carefully. The fights are mostly tedious, and consist of opening doors to rooms and sniping at enemies from the doorway. The final battle (in the area adjacent to the yellow key) was extremely frustrating, and it was made more so because I was low on health and there was no more available for love or money. Oh, and don't forget to poke your finger at the specter at [x = -410, y = -344] (middle finger optional); it's stuck to the steps and can't poke you back.

.: Wrap Up

The idea of moving through a moonbase in order to access your freighter is an appealing one. Unfortunately, it is poorly executed in this map. Play this if you enjoy 1990s-era mods, and don't mind looking at the same scenery repeatedly while you trudge back to restock.

Decent techbase architecture
The Wild Turkey Lounge & Bar
Medic Station