DooM Nexus: Glacier Base Review

My 2 Cent Take on Glacier Base

Glacier Base - Chris Weathers
Doom2 - Solo - 118441 bytes

.: Overview

This is a single map for DooM2, with the hook being that the only weapon available (outside a secret area) is your pistol.

.: The Look & Feel

Parts of this map are low-lit, which makes it look very dark in vanilla (or chocolate) DooM. This could have been used to create an ominous atmosphere, but the absence of lighting variations just causes the map to look plain. On the flip side, there are a few new textures that are well-implemented. In particular, I liked the glass panels on windows and to create a computer "block". The ice textures supplement the theme of the map as a base buried underground in a glacier, but don't expect to see any ice sculptures. This map is playable in vanilla (or chocolate) DooM, although you'll find some minor tutti-frutti effects on some of the textures. There are also a few misaligned textures, but otherwise the texturing is competent.

.: The Design

The map design is mostly straightforward. The outside "moat" encircles the base, allowing you the choice of two doors to enter the base. Once in, you can head either into the Eastern area or the Western one. However, you'll need to pick up the blue key before entering the area with the red key, which is required to exit. The areas inside the base are meant to represent computer areas, and navigating them is a cinch. Secret areas are visible through windows, but there are no visual clues for the doors leading into them. One of the secret areas (to the health pack in the SW quadrant) is inaccessible, as the door cannot be opened from either side.

.: The Fights

Playing with only a pistol can get tedious at times. On the other hand, it hearkens back to the nostalgic, early days of DooM, when the player often had to rely on the pistol. There are plenty of bullets, and strategically-placed barrels and monster-infighting can help to thin the opposition. The enemies are mostly easy to dispatch, even with just a pistol, as there is sufficient room to maneuver. However, be wary of the many hitscan enemies that can whittle down your health. Because there is a meager supply of health, I found myself low on health for most of the game. Armor is only provided through bonuses (unless you find the green armor in the secret area). Aside from the armor there are some pickups, health, ammo, and (most notably) a berserk pack and chainsaw in secret areas. Finding these secrets is not essential to completing the map; I managed to finish the map on UV skill with 100% kills without using any of the secret items. [One minor nitpick: Some of the enemies around the moat appear to be stuck to barrels or the wall.]

.: Wrap Up

This map has an old-school design and feel, and this is accentuated by the types of fights the map offers.

Dark & Ominous
Glass Panels