DooM Nexus: Hellport Review

My 2 Cent Take on Hellport

Hellport - Roy Ford "LaserJock" Coherent Inc.
Vanilla DooM2 - Solo Play - 34400 bytes

.: Overview

This is a single-player map for DooM2 that plays on Map01, and was created with WadEd and BSP v1.2 (which probably dates this mod). It is moderately good-looking in places, and there are some occasionally tough fights. However, many of the doors are not marked as such, occasionally creating mild confusion.

.: Look, Ma, It's a 90's Era Map

The map starts with some promise, with the player stepping out into an attractive-looking area. After that, however, the level of detail and texturing are mostly sub-par (although the "library" with the billiards table and the heliport near the exit don't look too shabby). There are some very obvious texture misalignments, but otherwise the texturing is competent.

.: Practice Walking in the Park

The map design is reasonably well-done, with the player starting in the center of the map and being required to pick up some keys to progress. There is a moderate amount of back-tracking, but the keyed doors are well-marked and you ought to be fine. However, many of the other doors and entrances do not use traditional "door" textures and periodically require you to get fresh with them (i.e., wall-humping). In at least one instance you are required to pick up a powerup (or at least pass close to it) before an unmarked section of the wall will open. As I didn't need the powerup I didn't approach it and was stymied when I could proceed no further. Most secrets are either easy to find or are outright give-aways.

Resistance is stiff at the beginning, but you're provided with armaments and powerups to ease the pain. During the rest of the map you're opposed by lighter goons, with a sprinking of tougher enemies thrown in. The fight at the end was an enjoyable surprise (read: "It's a Trap!") You are given a powerful arsenal, with a commensurate supply of ammo. Unfortunately, the balance leans too heavily towards your weaponry & ammo, creating barely a modicum of tension against the ravening hordes. For example, I played at UV and used ammo somewhat liberally, but I still exited the map virtually fully loaded. There is a good amount of health & armor, especially when you count the two big powerups (which I didn't pick up, but I still managed to successfully complete the map).

.: Wrap Up

Overall, this is a good effort, but some players may find it too easy and too plain-looking.

Area near start
Heliport near exit