DooM Nexus: Random Speedmap to celebrate 40oz and Bloodyacid's Birthday Review

My 2 Cent Take on RSTC40BB

RSTC40BB - Obsidian
DooM2 (BooM-Compatible) - Solo Play - 373545 bytes

.: Overview

This is a single-player map for DooM2 that the author created to commemorate the birthdays of two members of the DooM community - 40oz and BloodyAcid.

.: Random Speedmap....

The author's use of the phrase "random speedmap" in the title of this mod is reflected in the brevity of the game - with some luck, a skilled DooMer will probably complete this map in a few minutes. The map design is simple and linear, with one key required. To illustrate how simple the design is, the entire map fits within a 1280 x 768 grid, and there are only four areas in which combat can occur. Some of the areas are cramped, and this occasionally assists your ability to dispatch the ravening hordes, and occasionally hinders it.

.: .... With a Twist

The gameplay is relatively straightforward, but the twist is that the only "weapons" the player is provided are the pistol and the berserk pack. Considering that you will get no additional ammo, you'd best bone up on your fisticuff talents, saving your meager 50 bullets for the most desperate situations. The majority of the enemies against which you are pitted are easily dispatched with your adrenaline-fueled punches. However, there are a couple of heavy-hitters that may need to be handled with kid-gloves (no pun intended). The challenge is heightened by the general lack of health (although there's an invaluable power-up you can acquire in an easy-to-find secret area), and complete absence of armor. I found the gameplay to be occasionally frustrating, exacerbated by the lack of maneuverability in the map. Skill levels are not implemented; meaning that the game does not get easier on lower skills.

.: Pretty & Clever

In my opinion, the redeeming features of the map were the new textures and the use of BooM features. The author has used (and credited) textures developed by J.S. "Psyren" Graham, choosing to use those that have the GSTONE & MARBLE theme. In addition, the author has used BooM features to cleverly make a floor that sinks and transforms into a set of stairs, and to make a health pack materialize out of nowhere. This author has used BooM features effectively in previous works, and this bodes well for his future in mapping. A minor nitpick: The author has included the entire Psyren texture pack, but has only tapped a small fraction of the available resources. This makes the mod unnecessarily bloated.

.: Wrap Up

This is a niche map, that will appeal primarily to fans of Tyson-mode of gameplay. The new textures and BooM features are well-used.

New Textures
New Textures
Heavy Hitter 1
Heavy Hitter 2