DooM Nexus: s4MAP01 Review

My 2 Cent Take on s4MAP01

s4MAP01 - Lukas "Omegamer" Wilhelm
Vanilla DooM2 - Solo Play - 39601 bytes

.: Overview

This is a single-player map for DooM2 that uses a self-imposed limit of 400 linedefs. It is a very small map that has light- to medium-resistance opposition, a new MIDI music track, and one new graphic.

.: An Ambitious Concept....

The premise of this map (and, eventually, each map in the planned set) is that the map will not have more than 400 linedefs. This is a worthwhile objective, couched within a fairly restrictive limit, and would take an inventive and imaginative mind to pull off effectively. The author has done a commendable job of making the map look attractive. Unfortunately, by using up the allowable linedefs to make the architecture appealing, the author has been forced to create an extremely small map with few playable areas. Arguably, some of the areas used for decorative purposes (e.g., the nukage fall & pool, and the outside water) could have been sacrificed to make some linedefs available for an additional playable area.

.: .... but Tepid Gameplay

Because of the size of the map, the fights are short and mostly devoid of tension. Your standard issue sidearm has to suffice to dispatch some lowly hell-spawn, but you are put into a fairly tense fight when you make a dash for some heavier fire-power. After that, the fights are more pedestrian, with a narrow entrance near the lowering pentagram (inadvertently, perhaps) serving as a bottle-neck to keep the wider enemies at bay. This allows the player to safely stay within the entrance and take potshots at the swarming hordes. Had the outside area been larger, and the enemies further away, the author could have made it feasible to dash to the switch that facilitates chaingun access. As it is, you'll get the chaingun too late to put it to best use. There is a reasonable amount of health and ammo available, and I doubt you'll be scrambling to survive.

.: Wrap Up

As a concept map this effort has merit. Unfortunately, because of the fairly tiny map size allowed by the 400-linedef limit, this map can be completed in short order and has virtually no replayability value. Perhaps future maps that the player intends to create using this concept will overcome this obstacle.

Fairly decent architecture
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