DooM Nexus: STFHeadMonster Review

My 2 Cent Take on STFHeadMonster

Doom: RV-007's STFHead Monster Version 00 - RV-007
ZDooM compatible - Enemy Mod - 89449 bytes

.: Overview

This mod creates a new monster that is based on DooM's LostSoul behavior, but replaces the graphics with the DooM Guy face. There are some key differences in behavior that lend some value to this enemy, but I suspect that most modders will find little use for this enemy replacement in its current form. The final product appears to be a case of "lookie here! See what I can do!"

.: Cheap Laughs. Nothing More.

The description of the wad in the text file has this to say: "This pwad is just for cheap laughs, nothing much." However, in the interest of objectivity, let me point out some of the features of this wad that I found noteworthy. First, the new enemy moves faster than the LostSoul, making it a more formidable opponent. Second, the enemy can replicate itself, making it necessary to dispatch it early during an encounter. Finally, it can be resurrected by an archvile, offering it an additional dimension of risk. [The "Heeeere's Johhny!" cry when it is resurrected by an archvile initially brought on a chuckle, but quickly started grating as it became more frequent.] Some aspects that are different from the LostSoul are that (1) this enemy is only front-facing, because it relies exclusively on the various DooM Guy faces in the DooM heads-up display (HUD), which lack the side and back frames; and (2) it does not replace the LostSoul, and won't be spawned by Pain Elementals.

.: The Silver Lining ....

I opened up the wad in a resource editor and looked over the various bits of code. The DECORATE code is rather messy, with wholesale inclusion of commented-out text (possibly because the author intends to revisit the code and streamline it.) As for the text file, I slowly felt my brain devolving into a cabbage while reading it. Good Lord! Was it entirely necessary to list every remote source of inspiration in the credits section, including the DooM Wiki for "General map listing of map index, names, exits, and secret exits" of each DooM I episode and DooM II?. Still, the overall effort could possibly have more than the novelty value the author seems to have intended. With a little bit of work, primarily involving inserting replacement graphics while retaining the bulk of the code, this can be transformed into something that modders might find useful.

.: Wrap Up

This modification is amusing for a little while, but eventually loses its lustre. Try it for some shit & giggles. Better yet, use it as a base to build a better beast.

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