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My 2 Cent Take on That Day

That Day - Hardcore_gamer
DooM2 (BooM-Compatible Port) - Solo Play - 15646 bytes

.: Overview

This is a short, often sharp, single map for DooM2 (BooM-Compatible port required).

.: The Look & Feel

The author built this map in six hours, which would explain why the wad file weighs in at only about 40 kB (about 15.6 kB zipped). The map has simple, clean lines - in keeping with the author's level of effort. Lighting is more-or-less uniform throughout the map, giving it a somewhat plain atmosphere. Texturing is adequate, with some unobtrusive misalignments, and the overall geometry is satisfactory. The map is built entirely indoors, but a couple of rooms have sky-lights to give the semblance of the great outdoors.

.: Game Design

The map has a straightforward design and, despite the multiple paths that seemingly offer themselves at the start, is quite linear. Press a few switches, pick up the blue key, and presto! You find yourself staring at the exit. There is some variability in height, but the design of the level reduces the scope for much height changes. Players that intend to spend some time humping walls in the hope that they will fall upon some hidden goodies needn't bother; there's nary a secret to be found throughout the realm. The rocket-launcher just out of reach on a ledge was tantalizing, but the player eventually reaches it with little fumbling around.

.: Gameplay

Where the map redeems itself somewhat, is in the fights. The difficulty gradually ramps up, until it reaches a crescendo in the frenetic combat at the exit. Enemies seem like mostly cannon fodder at first, but the widespread use of distant hitscan enemies mixed in with others makes them something to be reckoned with. [Some might find the hitscanners to be an annoyance, although I didn't mind them at all.] Ammo is plentiful, with weaponry adequate for the job at hand. Health is strategically located, and you could find yourself running low if you take the hitscanners for granted. Armor is rather scarce. There are a few traps, but the author always provides a way for you to beat a hasty retreat if you so choose. [One minor point: In the blue key area the steps prevent some melee-only enemies from climbing down, making them sitting ducks.]

.: Wrap Up

This is a tiny map by 2013 standards, and seasoned DooMers will likely blaze through in a few minutes. Give it a try, nonetheless.

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