DooM Nexus: Town1 Review

My 2 Cent Take on TOWN1

Town1 - Matt "TheBraggle" Napier
Vanilla DooM2 - Solo Play - 19109 bytes

.: Overview

This is a single-player map for DooM2 that, the author states in his text file, "is based off of a town I went to once. It includes a warehouse and theater." It is the author's first released map.

.: A Newbie Map....

For being the author's first map, it doesn't look too bad (but it is rather plain). The author could have introduced some variety to the appearance by throwing in some non-90 degree angles. Texture selection is generally acceptable, with a fair variation. However, the texture alignment is somewhat sloppy, even though it doesn't show as much because of the types of textures used. The most obvious evidence of this is caused by the absence of texture unpegging on the windows near the blue key door. Also, the lower textures at the blue-key switch show the tutti-frutti effect in vanilla DooM because of the y-offset applied to the textures. Overall, though, it does give the impression of being a city-themed map, particularly because of the lane-striping on the asphalt street.

.: .... and it Shows

The gameplay is relatively straightforward, with the player being required to pick up 2 keys. The map design is mostly linear, with virtually no options for alternative paths. Back-tracking is required, but you'll be traversing empty areas that you've previously cleared. Virtually all the resistance is cannon fodder, and you can mow them down from a safe distance with the chaingun, which you pick up near the start. To the author's credit, the map does not contain most of the over-powered weapons (and mega-bosses) occasionally found in first-time maps. It does contain a super-shotgun, which experienced DooMers will not need, the type of opposition at the exit notwithstanding. There is an excess of ammo and a fair amount of health that I was able to ignore (especially in my second run-through using Chocolate DooM). Moreover, skill levels are not implemented, meaning that you can't up the ante even if you wanted to.

.: Wrap Up

For being the author's first map, there are certainly signs of promise. However, you won't find a warehouse or a theater in this map.

Simple Structures
Street Through 'Town'