ReX's Nexus: Using Custom Textures

Using Custom Textures

Q. How can I add more textures to DooM2? I want to put the hell-sky from Ultimate DooM into DooM2.

A. You will need a resource editing utility such as XWE or Deep Sea. You can use the utility to insert the new graphic (known as a patch) into your PWAD (your own wad file, not the DooM.wad or DooM2.wad files). If you replace an existing patch with a patch of the same size (dimensions) then you will not need to edit the TEXTURE lump. As you are planning to replace one DooM sky with another one, you will not need to edit the TEXTURE lump.

IMPORTANT: Do not edit your IWAD (doom.wad or doom2.wad). Instead, always work with a PWAD. Better yet, if you don't have the original install disks or CD, make a copy of the IWAD before messing with stuff in an editor.

Here are the steps for inserting a replacement graphic into a new PWAD using XWE:

Q. Yes, but what if I want to add additional textures to DooM2? In other words, I don't want to replace existing DooM2 graphics.

A. This is actually very simple in XWE. Just follow these steps:

Q. My 2 favorite texture wads are name1.wad and name2.wad. I would like to simply combine the 2 into a single texture wad if possible. How do I do this?

A. There are two ways to do this. Each method has advantages and disadvantages.


METHOD 2 Good luck.