PARANOIAC (Mar. 2017) is a 2-hub game for GZDooM based on Paranoid. The first hub consists of 9 maps (including a secret map) in the familiar, "Earth" setting. The second hub consists of 3 maps in a "Xen" setting. The game features new weapons & enemies not seen in Paranoid. There are also 2 bonus maps set in the Half-Life universe, but with DooM enemies. Screenshots.

THE PHOBOS DIRECTIVE (Nov. 2011) is a 9-map hub that was originally intended for ZDooM. It's now for GZDooM, and has lots of shiny goodness (well, as shiny as a grungy DooM environment can get). It is based on the 9-map Phobos Revisited for DooM 1, and is mission-driven. Each map has a "core" area that is based on the respective maps of Phobos Revisited, but also includes new, industrial-type areas to explore. To make the game less repetitive and more challenging, gameplay is not restricted to Episode I weapons & enemies. It has many new enemies, two awe-inspiring bosses, one mini-boss, weapon upgrades, graphics (most of which are modified DooM graphics to retain the DooM E1 atmosphere), new skies (twilight, nightfall, daylight, etc.), new music, and uses GZDooM features to good advantage. It also features an inventory system and new powerups. Screenshots.

PARANOID (Mar. 2010) is an 8-map hub (plus one map as a TITLEMAP) for GZDooM. It is a Half-Life mod with new graphics, music, menus, skyboxes, enemies (including new enemy behavior with DECORATE), models, several new weapons (i.e., new behavior, not just new graphics). The game received an honorable mention on DooM World's 17th Annual Cacowards for wad of the year. Screenshots.

ETERNAL DOOM IV: RETURN FROM OBLIVION (Jan. 2008) is a TeamTNT project, planned as a 32-map megawad for ZDooM. I contributed a 3-map hub for it - The Crypts, Schloss Adler: The Castle of the Eagle, and Daemon's Sanctuary (Maps 08-10). All maps are: (i) medieval-themed, and generally very large compared to typical DooM maps; (ii) non-linear and feature multiple paths; (iii) feature castle and fortress architecture, fights on an epic scale, and magnificent vistas. Maps 08-10 can be played in any order within the hub, and powerups & enemies are different in any given map depending on whether you play it first or play it after entering from another map. This provides additional replay value. The 7-map set received one of DooM World's 15th Annual Cacowards for wad of the year. Screenshots

DAWN: A PRELUDE (Apr. 2003) is a 5-level mission pack (prequel) to The Darkest Hour. You will need ZDooM v2.0.45 or higher to play this. Listed in The DooMers Recess top 2003 Great DooM Releases. You can see screenshots here.

THE DARKEST HOUR (Aug. 2001) is a 7-level hub set in the Star Wars universe, using enemies, weapons, graphics, sounds, and music from Dark Forces. You will need ZDooM v1.22 to play this. The Darkest Hour made it into DooMWorld's list of top 10 wads in 2001, and one of the top 100 wads of all time. It was also included in the list of 2001 Great DooM Releases, by The Doomer's Recess. Screenshots.

TEMPLE OF THE ANCIENTS (Dec. 2000) is a 5-level hub, set in a variety of environments. You start in a command center, but explore medieval and techno-medieval areas as you uncover the secrets of the Temple of the Ancients. These levels extensively use Q3A textures, and a few Q1 & Q2 textures. You will need ZDooM v1.22 to play this. Screenshots.

PARANOIA (Sep. 2000) comprises 5 levels, set in a Military Research installation with Labs and computer centers, waste and water treatment areas, storage bays, specimen containment areas, power generators, armories, Medical Center, etc. These levels extensively use Half Life textures, weapons, and enemies. You will need ZDooM v1.22 to play this. Screenshots.

PHOENIX RISING (Apr. 2000) is a 5-level set using Quake II textures, located in one military installation. You "revisit" areas to which you've been before. Limitless source port that allows jumping needed. Screenshots.

A HEX ON YOU (Feb. 2000) is a 3-level set using HeXen II textures. The entire level-set is located in one castle, and the levels are meant to seamlessly connect. You will need a limitless source port that allows jumping to play this. Screenshots.

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