.: Doomster Unveiled: Inside the BossBrain

In this feature I present interviews of numeraries in the DooM community to see what makes them tick (at least as far as DooM is concerned). I have selected (and will select future) interviewees based on their contributions to the community and their more-or-less unique positions within it. The interview questions are customized to reflect the individual's contributions, abilities, and role in the community. The idea behind this feature is to create a "time capsule" of information that, hopefully, will survive better than the interviews done by DooM Center nearly a decade ago.

[The next DooMster has not yet been lined up. Stay tuned.]

May 9, 2012: Nigel 'Enjay' Rowand [Edited Version]

May 9, 2012: Nigel 'Enjay' Rowand [Raw & Uncut Version]

May 11, 2012: wildweasel

May 14, 2012: Daniel 'Tormentor667' Gimmer

May 24, 2012: LilWhiteMouse

June 1, 2012: James 'Phobus' Creswell

June 21, 2012: Xaser

June 28, 2012: Stephen "The Ultimate Doomer" Clark

July 6, 2012: Rachael 'Eruanna' Alexanderson

July 20, 2012: 'Scuba' Steve Browning

August 28, 2012: Sergeant_Mark_IV

September 10, 2012: DBThanatos

September 27, 2012: kmxexii

October 14, 2012: Pascal van der Heiden (Trademark: CodeImp)

November 2, 2012: Simon 'Fraggle' Howard

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