.: DEIMOS SEVEN (The Ultimate DooM)

Deimos Seven is a vanilla-DooM-compatible map intended for single player use, and fills Episode 2 Map 7 of The Ultimate DooM. In keeping with the difficulty level of the original DooM levels, this is somewhat moderate in the challenge it presents. It is a non-linear map that offers alternative paths, visible areas that may only be accessed later, and some back-tracking. Screenshots.

STATUS: Released.


Temple of the Ancients Redux is an updated version of my Temple of the Ancients that will feature new weapons and inventory items, five additional maps, and extensive GZDooM features. DBThanatos has offered to do the new weapons. Screenshots.

STATUS: GZDooM features have been extensively added. Many new textures and models added. Weather system for snow & rain added. Map06 (Under the Shadows of Starfrost): Mapping = 100% complete; gameplay = 100% complete. Map07 (Threading the Needle): Mapping = 90% complete; gameplay = 5% complete. Map08 (In the Castle of the Winter Moon): Mapping = 2% complete. Map09 (Metus in Aquam): Mapping = 90% complete; gameplay = 0% complete. Map10 (Aquam in Urbem): Mapping = 0% complete.


Parallax is a mission pack for Paranoid and Paranoiac. There are 3 missions: The first is an updated and heavily-modified version of the five maps of Paranoia; the second is a new 5-map space station/Xen hub; and the third is a 3-map hub where you play as Otis, the security guard in Half-Life: Blue Shift. Screenshots coming soon.

STATUS: Mapping for the first mission is 80% complete. Mapping for the second mission is 75% complete. Mapping for the third mission is 0% complete.

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