Paranoiac is a 2-hub game for GZDooM based on Paranoid. The first hub consists of 9 maps (including a secret map) in the familiar, "Earth" setting. The second hub consists of 3 maps in a "Xen" setting. The game features new weapons & enemies not seen in Paranoid. There are also 2 bonus maps set in the Half-Life universe, but with DooM enemies.

STATUS: Earth hub: Mapping on all maps (Maps10 through 18) is complete. Xen hub: Mapping on all maps (Maps19 through 21) is complete. Bonus Maps: Mapping on Map22 100% complete; Map23 80% complete. TITLEMAP 100% complete. Alpha testing on all maps except Map23 100% complete; beta testing has started (as of October 01, 2016). Screenshots


Snowball's Chance .... is a castle-themed map that plays on DooM2 Map09. The map is virtually identical to Snowball's Chance ... (DooM I), but features vastly different gameplay. Screenshots.

STATUS: Mapping 100% complete/gameplay 20% complete.


By the Pricking of My thumbs .... is planned as a 12-map set for DooM2, with a few areas as homages to the original. This is intended for vanilla DooM2, and as such it extends my Wicked series.

STATUS: Map01 Mapping/gameplay 100% complete; Map02 Mapping 100% complete, gameplay 20% complete; Map12 Mapping 75% complete, gameplay 10% complete.


Temple of the Ancients Redux is an updated version of my Temple of the Ancients that will feature new weapons and inventory items, five additional maps, and extensive GZDooM features. DBThanatos has offered to do the new weapons. Screenshots.

STATUS: GZDooM features have been extensively added. Many new textures and models added. Weather system for snow & rain added. Map06 (Under the Shadows of Starfrost): Mapping = 100% complete; gameplay = 100% complete. Map07 (Threading the Needle): Mapping = 90% complete; gameplay = 5% complete. Map08 (In the Castle of the Winter Moon): Mapping = 2% complete. Map09 (Metus in Aquam): Mapping = 90% complete; gameplay = 0% complete. Map10 (Aquam in Urbem): Mapping = 0% complete.


Fear Station: Charlie is a tech-themed map for GZDooM that plays on DooM2 Map01, but the gameplay is more suitable for Map20 or so. It features a new music track, a new, tall sky, non-linear progression, and plenty of 3D constructs. Screenshots.

STATUS: Released on Dec 31, 2016.

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