.: DooM Editing for Those New to DooM Editing

So You Want to be a DooM Editor  Tips on how to begin the process of becoming a good, even great, DooM editor.

Getting Started: Tools of the Trade  An overview of the utilities available for making maps, editing graphic and other resources, and manipulating the behavior of things in DooM.

Basics of Design and Gameplay  A very broad overview of various elements that contribute to a fun map.

What Makes a Good Map  Style pointers, including gameplay, architecture, and atmosphere. Also, read this essay by Joel Murdoch.

Using Custom Textures  Steps for adding custom textures to your game using XWE.

Editing Maps With GZDooM features  Step-by-step instructions for creating 3D architecture and other effects.

What Makes a Good DooM Mod  A broad-brush examination of what makes a good DooM modification, from new levels to total conversions.

.: DooM Editing for Moderately-Advanced Modders

Making Sprites From Models for Use in (G)ZDooM  Step-by-step instructions for creating sprites for ZDooM or GZDooM from models. Not for editing newbies.

Resizing sprites With Minimal Image Degradation  Step-by-step instructions for shrinking sprites without loss in image quality.

Creating Hub Structures in ZDooM  Step-by-step instructions for creating maps in a hub structure within a ZDooM environment.

Using DECORATE to create custom items  Highlights some lessons in creating three custom powerups.

Anatomy of a Cutscene  Provides pointers on the aesthetics and mechanics of creating a cutscene in (G)ZDooM, and illustrates the principles using an example.

Creating a Multi-Floor Elevator   Describes the mechanics of motion & control for a multi-floor elevator in GZDooM, and illustrates the principles using an example.

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