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.: DooM Nexus: The Future is Tomorrow

DooM Nexus, for those of you who may have stumbled upon this site, is a space that will not illuminate, illustrate, inebriate, articulate, fascinate (well, maybe just a little, for those with infantile minds), flaggelate, alliterate, hypothecate, postulate, prevaricate, or urinate. What it will do, however, is give you the low-down on any and all DooM-related activities in which I am engaged.

So, if you're visiting for the first time, feel free to browse this space using the handy links to the left. For those who have been here before, ignore my ramblings like you usually do, and do whatever the hell you do when you visit. (Please do not piss on the rug on your way out. Remember the Big Lebowski.)


.: Link of the Moment

In this space I shall endeavor to provide an excape hatch from the life monotonous. To that end I shall seek to unearth diverse and interesting nuggets of trivia, art, humor, and anything else that strikes my fancy. If it happens to be DooM-related, consider that a bonus.

The Last of Us is an upcoming post-apocalyptic third-person survival action-adventure game developed by Naughty Dog for the PlayStation 3. Here is an almost photo-realistic screenshot from the game, where you can see the hairs on the protagonists's beard. In this picture you can see the wonderful play of light and shadow in the atrium of a devastated house.

.: 5 November 2022 - The Parallax Enigna ..... Or Something

Posted by Rex Claussen at 09:09.

Unbeknownst to the unwashed masses I had been quietly laboring on the final map of Parallax. Alas, I decided it wasn't consistent with the Xen theme of the rest of the maps in the Xen episode, and I have scrapped my work. But not to worry, my work was not abandoned. I have "repurposed" it for another two maps, which I have added to the episode that I am loosely calling the "Mixed Bag Episode", but which is officially named "Parallax: A Little Bit of This ....."

As for the final map of the Xen episode, I have started on it and (as usual with me) it's slow going. Still, I am metaphorically chipping away at a block of granite in the hope that a somewhat decent sculpture will emerge.

Stand by,

.: 13 May 2022 - Some Movement on DooM Projects. Finally.

Posted by Rex Claussen at 10:52.

Here are a few updates to report on Parallax, at least one of which ought to be a cause for celebration (Davitch, stand up, please):

1. Jeff "Davitch" Ligda has emerged from an extended hiatus to begin the creation of new and customized music for the project. For those of you that have heard his stuff (e.g., Paranoid, Paranoiac, and The Phobos Directive) you know that he is extremely talented and is capable of wild swings between moody/atmospheric and manic/head-banging and everything in between. In other words, the kind of music variety you sit up and pay attention to.
2. I have mentioned before that Ed The Bat has swapped out all of the sprites in the game to models. Ed is another extremely capable member of the team, and his talents are diverse. The use of models completely transitions the game from a quasi first-generation FPS firmly into the realm of a second-generation game. Thanks, obviously, to the GZDooM development team.
3. Jeff has volunteered for voice-acting at least one of the parts. Rachael Alexanderson will be reprising her role as Col. Stinson, the shadowy de facto leader of Legion: Earth. Dr. Zimmerman makes an appearance, and I'll be doing his voice again. I am working on the scripts, and the voice recordings ought to commence forthwith (heh).
4. Nigel "Enjay" Rowand has been quietly encouraging all of us behind the scenes. He'll be stepping up to his role as project lead once the pieces start coming together. Which ought to be (somewhat) soon.
5. Mapping on all 5 maps of the "bonus" episode is 100% complete. This includes the Xen map that uses trampolines for various puzzles. This is the map that was inspired by Nigel's development of the alien trampolines as models.
6. This leaves just the massive space station map (slot 29) and Xen temple (slot 32) to be completed.

.: 11 December 2021 - A Minor Update

Posted by Rex Claussen at 04:52.

I figured it's time to sweep away the cobwebs in this corner of the internets. Not much has been happening on the DooM front, but plenty of stuff from a personal standpoint. My personal situation has allowed very few moments of spare time, which I've then used to scramble for some sense of normalcy - going to the gym once a week (instead of my customary 5-7 times), enjoying some quiet occasions for reflection via the surprisingly-affordable Loch Lomond single malt Scots Whiskey, and my daily brisk walks. Not much time for DooM, though. But things are beginning to stabilize, and I ought to be able to claw back some additional breathing room.

As for DooM, I was energized by Enjay's creation of a new device for use in Parallax. These are the trampolines found throughout the Xen episode of Half-Life. In Paranoiac I set those trampolines up using textures; Enjay has set them up using animated models. They look and work spectacularly well, and I have already implemented one of them in an existing map for Parallax. My plan is to create a completely new map that is largely based on these trampoline, which can be used to thrust upwards but also sideways and downwards. This will lend itself to new types of puzzles.

My computer/intel graphics drivers/Win 10 issues have stabilized. I have discovered workarounds to allow me to continue testing maps in GZDooM using my old computer. I might be getting a newish computer that will allow me to use updated versions of GZDooM and Ultimate DooM Builder. Enjay has been encouraging me to switch from DooM in HeXen format to UDMF, and I might find the impetus to take that on as well.

Stay tuned, and thank you both for checking in.

.: 19 September 2021 - DooM Editing "Career" Likely At An End?

Posted by Rex Claussen at 09:24.

Why is it, lately, that my news posts are mainly about my computer problems? I believed my computer problems were behind me after my last series of trial and error efforts with intel (f*ckin' intel!) graphics drivers. But that, it turns out, was Hydra masquerading as a computer hardware problem - cut off one head and two grow in its place.

I refuse to spend upwards of USD 1,000 on a computer that I will be buying just to edit for, and play, GZDooM. This means that I might have to give up creating projects for the game. [Of course, I can continue to create projects for Chocolate DooM and other source ports that don't require OpenGL 3.3 or higher.]

I'm still holding out hope for a workaround; if that works out I'll be granted a reprieve. But this, too, will likely be temporary.

Stay tuned.

.: 11 June 2021 - It Seems Windows 10 is Not Done Rogering Me

Posted by Rex Claussen at 20:21.

I had previously reported about how a Windows update made GZDooM unplayable. I was able to get GZDooM to run well again by the simple expedient of installing old intel (f*ckin' intel) drivers that were designed for Win 8.1 support, and playing GZDooM in compatibility mode.

Well, yesterday I installed Windows updates, and (as expected) they restored the updated intel drivers that prevent GZDooM from working. "No problem", I said, "I'll simply install the old drivers." So, off I went and installed the old drivers, restarted Windows, and checked to make sure the old drivers were still installed, and that Windows hadn't snuck in another update that reversed my driver change. With me so far?

You'd think that GZDooM would run like a champ, but nooooo! We're back to how things were after I made the original Windows update that set my teeth on edge. I checked GZDooM to ensure it's running in Win 8 compatibility mode, and it sure is. At this point I want to use my laptop as a discus and hurl it as far away from me as possible. Of course, given that it lacks the necessary aerodynamic properties, it's likely land on my foot and cause me excruciating pain. Or, at least, more pain than I'm already feeling.

[Do I sound bitter?]

.: 10 April 2021 - F*ckin' MS Windows Updates!

Posted by Rex Claussen at 17:16.

After getting these scary messages about MS Windows support for my version of Win 10 Pro coming to an end soon, I decided to update/upgrade the operating system to v20H2 (OS Build 19042.867). In all other ways the update/upgrade works fine. But GZDooM runs like molasses on a cobblestone street. [This is the hot-fix version that drfrag ginned up, as outlined in this ZDooM thread.] I tried to run LZDooM, in the hopes that I'd be able to run DooM in some form. However, I get the dreaded "Execution Could Not Continue" error. I suspect this is being caused because it it looking for a specific library that I needed to replace with a newer version required to run Chocolate DooM.

So, basically, I can only run DooM with Chocolate DooM. Not GZDooM. Not LZDooM. Not ZDooM. At this point, I'm f*cked. And not in a good way.

.: 30 December 2020 - Autumnal Infernox

Posted by Rex Claussen at 19:37.

"What's that?" you ask. "What the heck is an 'autumnal infernox'? Is that something like an infernal equinox? Or an Italian On-the-Rocks?"

To which I reply: "Ah, my benighted friend. So little do you comprehend. Just imagine a hellish landscape where the leaves have just started falling from the trees and the Sun is crossing the celestial equator. At that precise moment, when the balmy (read: scorching) summer ends and the cool (read: ballacks-freezing) autumn begins, is the Autumnal Infernox. It's also when you need to be watching out for a fireball (or three) in your back."

As you guessed, my incoherent ramblings are leading, inexorably, into a DooM-related cul-de-sac. [I suppose, all things considered, that's what Autumnal Infernox is - a "DooM-related dead end." Heh.] Anyway, at the risk, of boring you into a snore-inducing slumber, here is what you need to know:

  • 1. Two maps for The Ultimate DooM
    2. Vanilla DooM-compatible
    3. Plays on Maps E3M1 and E3M9
    4. Non-linear and rife with traps and surprises of an exceedingly nasty nature
    5. Instigating monster infighting is highly encouraged to conserve ammo
Text file is here
Download zip file is here

Screenshots to follow, once I shake off this ennui.

.: 27 May 2020 - A Grab-Bag of Mods

Posted by Rex Claussen at 10:35.

Considering I have yet to perform my obligatory news report on DooM modding for the year, I figured this would be an opportune opportunity to do so. So, without further adieu [sic], here goes:


1. Since 2017 The Persecution Complex Team has been working on a massive project based on Paranoid and Paranoiac.
2. Ed the Bat has converted all sprites (enemies, weapons, HUD weapons) into models. The game looks spectacular as a result.
3. Ed the Bat has introduced multi-player (primarily co-op mode) to all maps in Paranoid and Paranoiac.
4. Ed the Bat has implemented a new weapon (Desert Eagle .357 magnum). This will likely only appear in select maps (see below).
5. Ed the Bat has implemented a game-play mode where you play as Otis, the chunky security guard who is Barney's counterpart in Half-Life: Blue Shift.
6. I have created 3 new episodes, which will contain at least 12 maps.
a. "Paranoia: Slight Return" is a complete rework of the 5 maps in Paranoia, but with the same story-line. Most of the mapping is complete.
b. "Parallax: The Xen Enigma" has 4 maps set in the Xen environment (including a massive space station of human origin). All the mapping on 2 maps is done, a significant portion of mapping on a third is complete, and I've gotten a start on the fourth map.
c. "Parallax: The Deimos Syndrome" currently has 3 maps, set in a weird DooM/Half-Life environment. The maps have a Deimos theme but with H-L textures, and where players use the original DooM weapons against Half-Life enemies. The map geometry, game-play, and progression are very much DooM-like, but the look .... the look is a cross between the 2 games. All mapping has been completed on 2 maps, and about 50% to 60% mapping has been completed on the third.
7. I am looking to create a 4th new episode, which will contain the Otis/Blue Shift story-line. My guess is that there will be 3 maps in this episode.
8. No screenshots yet, but stay tuned.


1. Since early 2019 I have been working quietly on a Star Wars project.
2. Dawn: A Prelude was the prequel to The Darkest Hour. In Dawn the player (Wrok Onmo) starts off in an Imperial Detention Facility. Zero Dark: Theta tells the story of how Wrok Onmo ends up in that prison.
3. The episode is slated to have 7 maps, including 3 set on a massive Imperial Space Station. Mapping on one of the space station maps is complete, and mapping on another map is under way.
4. The other big development is the use of enemies and weapons that use DECORATE to better emulate Dark Forces & Star Wars actors. [All credit for this work goes to the respective authors whose work I have adapted.] The original games used re-skinned DooM enemies and weapons; the Rogue Jedi used DeHacked.
5. The game has other developments too: plenty of additional textures, full use of GZDooM features, updates of all original maps with new textures and GZDooM features.
6. No screenshots yet, but stay tuned.

.: 31 March 2020 - How Windows 10 (Almost) Rogered My Day

Posted by Rex Claussen at 08:24.

On Sunday I decided I'd take my chances with upgrading my old Win 7 Pro computer to Win 10. This is the primary machine I use for DooM modding, testing, and playing. The upgrade worked swimmingly, and all was as before the upgrade. Or so I thought. Then I tried to fire up GZDooM and hit a blank wall. Mild panic ensued, as I reviewed my options. After spending many fruitless hours consulting with the maddening oracle that is the Internet, I almost gave up. I had resigned myself to bleak days without on-demand DooM modding - the upgraded machine is a laptop, while my alternative is a mini-tower inconveniently ensconced under my desk in my home office - when drfrag rode in to the rescue. He had immediately understood the nature of the problem, and he created a new development build that neatly bypassed the issue. You can imagine my relief, what?

At any rate, all is well with the world. [Except for planetary warming, global hunger, political strife, and, you know, a pandemic that is sweeping across boundaries that humankind, in its hubris, believed would keep all enemies out.]

You can go back to your regularly-scheduled programming now.

.: 14 December 2019 - Deimos Seven

Posted by Rex Claussen at 21:24.

Deimos Seven is a vanilla-DooM-compatible map intended for single player use, and fills Episode 2 Map 7 of The Ultimate DooM. In keeping with the difficulty level of the original DooM levels, this is somewhat moderate in the challenge it presents. It is a non-linear map that offers alternative paths, visible areas that may only be accessed later, and some back-tracking.

Text file is here
Download zip file is here


All pics may be viewed here

.: September 10, 2012

My interview with DBThanatos has been posted.

I have completed mapping on E3M7 of Infernos, and have begun mapping on E3M4. I expect to complete this map soon, which will then only leave E3M5, a mapper's nightmare that I have wisely put off for last.

.: August 28, 2012

After weeks of inactivity on this site, I finally decided to get off my lazy ass and post my interview with Sergeant_Mark_IV. Actually, the whole bit about "lazy ass" in not strictly true (I just like saying "lazy ass"; can't you tell?) I've been up to my ears in job-related work and travel, and traveling to parts distant on a much-needed vacation (during which I was ill with a cold for much of the time - damn airline planes and their tendency to serve as incubators for germs). I did get to see some very cool wild life during a couple of my trips (bison and prong-horn antelope in Utah, and coyotes and mule deer in Arizona). At any rate, I've finally had some time to kick back slightly; hence, this update.

I have completed mapping on E3M6 of Infernos, and have nearly completed mapping on E3M7. This just leaves E3M4 and E3M5. I keep promising screen shots and not delivering. So you don't have any reason to trust me further in this regard. But a little more patience, kind sirs and mesdames, will be amply rewarded.

.: July 20, 2012

Read my interview with 'Scuba' Steve Browning.

I have completed mapping on E3M3 of Infernos, and have begun mapping on E3M6.

.: July 6, 2012

I've posted another interview, with Rachael 'Eruanna' Alexanderson. I've also posted several new reviews for DooM. Meanwhile, on the true Dooming front, I have made some progress on map E3M3 of Infernos, but the going is slow and I lack motivation.

.: June 28, 2012

The interviews keep overflowing, like butter being churning out in a pail. This one is with Stephen "The Ultimate Doomer" Clark.

.: June 21, 2012

Interview with a Xaser.

.: June 1, 2012

As promised, another interview, this time with James 'Phobus' Creswell. I've also reviewed another DooM mod for Doomworld.

.: May 29, 2012

I've reviewed one more DooM mod for Doomworld, and I'm eyeing DooM the Way id Did for a detailed review (but that will take much more time than I have at present). I've completed most of Map E3M8 of Infernos, and have made a modicum of progress on Map13 of Paranoiac. I've also gotten completed interviews from Xaser and The Ultimate Doomer, which will go up after my interview with Phobus.

.: May 24, 2012

Read the newest interview, this time with LilWhiteMouse.

Also, I've written up a detailed tutorial on creating a multi-storey elevator. And in the rest of my ever-dwindling spare time, I've reviewed a couple of DooM mods for Doomworld; I'll publish my reviews here after Doomworld puts them up on the /Newstuff chronicles. And, figuring that I may as well put my brain to use even while asleep, I've completed Map E3M2 of Infernos during the dark hours.

.: May 14, 2012

The newest interview for my feature, Doomster Unveiled: Inside the BossBrain, is with Daniel 'Tormentor667' Gimmer, the author of many well-known projects, and Capitan of Realm667.

.: May 11, 2012

I've put up a new interview for my feature, Doomster Unveiled: Inside the BossBrain. This one is with wildweasel, resident ZDooM weapons modification guru, and all-around BossBrain on the ZDooM forums. Also, DBThanatos, the main author of the (in)famous Aeons of Death gameplay mod, has agreed to be interviewed. I've sent interview questions to Xaser, Stephen "The Ultimate Doomer" Clark, and Sergeant_Mark_IV, and I'm waiting for them to respond.

.: May 9, 2012

It's time to debut my new feature named Doomster Unveiled: Inside the BossBrain. You can read the edited version of my interview with Nigel 'Enjay' Rowand, here, or the uncut version here. I've completed interviews with Daniel 'Tormentor667' Gimmer, wildweasel, LilWhiteMouse, and James "Phobus" Cresswell, and I'll be posting them soon. Others who have agreed to be interviewed since my last update include Stephen "The Ultimate Doomer" Clark, Rachel "Eruanna" Alexanderson, and "Scuba Steve" Brown.

I have almost completed Map E3M2 of Infernos, my 9-map replacement for The Ultimate DooM. I'd previously completed Map E3M1 and most of Map E3M9. No progress to report for the updated Temple of the Ancients, nor on Paranoiac, the expansion pack for Paranoid.

.: April 24, 2012

The Paranoid expansion pack now has an official project name: Paranoiac and is greatly "expanded" as well - it is now a 7-map hub with two extra non-canon (secret) levels and a TITLEMAP. One of the new maps I started is a terrain-style map with valleys, a river and island, and cliffs. I keep promising screenshots, and I'll get around to it soon. I have also started a new project named Infernos, which is a 9-map replacement for The Ultimate DooM. I've completed Map E3M1 and most of Map E3M9. However, there's no progress to report for the updated Temple of the Ancients.

My last update indicated that I had written several reviews for DooM modifications. You can read those reviews here. I have also started a new feature named Doomster Unveiled: Inside the BossBrain, wherein numeraries in the DooM community are interviewed. I have started a list of interviewees, selecting them on their contributions to the community and their more-or-less unique positions within it. The interview questions will be customized to reflect the individual's contributions, abilities, and role in the community. So far, I have lined up Nigel 'Enjay' Rowand, Daniel 'Tormentor667' Gimmer, wildweasel, LilWhiteMouse, Xaser, and Sergeant_Mark_IV, who have all agreed to be interviewed. I've sent the customized questions to each of them and have heard back from wildweasel already. I'm preparing a web page for the feature; look out for it soon.

.: March 30, 2012

wildweasel has told me he's going to start work on the new weapons for the updated Temple of the Ancients. Meanwhile, I've done a heap of work on the Paranoid expansion pack. I've completed Map 10, and virually all of Maps 11 & 12. I was fired up by an idea to create a multi-storey parking garage, so I have made quite a bt of progress on a fourth map. The garage is built, complete with ramps to drive up to the upper levels. The garage is next to a 4-storey office building, which is also complete. [This building is basically a copy & paste of the 4-storey building in Map05 of Paranoid, but it now has a functional elevator that looks and works much like a real-world elevator - the entrance to the elevator from each floor is stacked, one above the other. Also, you can use a single switch/button to choose whether to ride the elevator up or down. Unfortunately, it does not have a numeric keypad with buttons for each floor, as I did not want to undertake the arduous programming for the script. I also have ideas for a sewer-themed map, and a terrain-type map; this would bring the map count up to six (not including the 2 secret maps, for which mapping is already done).

I rarely play DooM or any other game nowadays (or, indeed, even my own maps - except for testing), so it was a pleasant surprise when I played several recently-released wads. It started when I volunteered to review a small "weapons" mod for DooM World's /Newstuff Chronicles. I tested it out, wrote it up, and decided to go back for more. I was looking for wads with small file sizes, as I only wanted to digest bite-size chunks of DooM. I found three more wads that met this criterion, have played and reviewed two of them, and am in the middle of playing my third one. I'll post those reviews here after they have been published on DooM World.

.: February 21, 2012

I haven't heard from wildweasel on the new weapons for the updated Temple of the Ancients. But you can't keep a good bozo down, and I've spent quite some time on the Paranoid expansion pack. I've done most of Maps 10, and 12, and have made good progress on Map11. Pictures are forthcoming.

.: January 26, 2012

While wildweasel is busy at work on the new weapons and coming up with ideas for the mission/objectives, I have been updating Temple of the Ancients with GZDooM features. Did you know that when it was originally released in December 2000, ZDooM did not have the slope feature? This meant that all the arches were done with textures applied to lower-unpegged main textures on multiple linedefs. [For those of you that aren't familiar with DooM editing terminology, see the pictures below to see what I mean.] I have started replacing these "fake" arches with real ones, and the pictures below allow you to compare the before-and-after. I've also begun replacing "fake" 3D architecture (e.g., bridges) with true 3D constructs, and the old ZDooM deep water with GZDooM translucent water. Again, see below for the differences.

I have also made quite a bit of progress on my vanilla DooM2 map set. I've tentatively named it By The Pricking of My Thumbs ...., which Shakespeare/Macbeth aficionados will recognize as being part of the witches chant that is followed by "... something wicked this way comes". And, as some of you may know, the first map in my Wicked series of vanilla DooM2 maps was named Something Wicked This Way Comes. I've completed Maps 01 and 02, and 75% of Map 12.

.: January 6, 2012

A somewhat belated wish to both of you for a Happy New Year. I had a busy Christmas week, after which I promptly fell ill, and am only just recovering. There's very little to report on the DooM front. A few weeks ago I resumed work on the expansion pack for Paranoid, but progress was sporadic. And then, a couple of weeks ago I started work on an episode-length mod for vanilla DooM2, and have completed about half of one map. Meanwhile, wildweasel (who is well-known for his weapons mods other work), suggested a collaboration to update Temple of the Ancients, and we're discussing it. I've also promised kappes buur that I will play-test his WIP map, so I better get cracking on it.

Despite the shitfest that surrounded The Phobos Directive on the ZDooM forums, DIYGamer has seen fit to provide a balanced review of the game. They seemed to have pegged the intentions of the development team with comments like: "The end result is a large, non-linear and remarkably replayable campaign", and "The Phobos Directive still uses every trick in the book that the updated GZDoom engine offers". My sentiments, exactly.

In 2012 I've gone retro. A couple of days ago I finally installed Riven, which I had bought more than 10 years ago but never played. Riven is the sequel to the best-selling game Myst, which is a first-person puzzle-solving adventure. The premise and pacing is so very different from first-person shooters such as DooM, that the game is definitely not for everyone. It requires a lot of patience, keen observation, and some mental acuity. I figure it'll give me an appreciation for the challenges faced by developers of other types of game.

In another sign that I'm into the whole retro gig, I have installed and begun playing a 1994-era game (which was originally developed for the Mac) named Marathon. It is a DooMesque first-person shooter, but done more like a (G)ZDooM adventure, with a story-line, interactive environments, and extensive scripting. Just the sort of stuff I've been fascinated with and have been creating since I discovered the wonders of ZDooM. I'll play the game with an eye to writing a review, but I'm not promising anything.

.: Acknowledgements

I would be remiss if I did not thank my kind host Eruanna (formerly SoulPriestess) for the use of her web space. Please visit her site, which has more DooM-related stuff than you can shake a stick at. [Let me re-phrase for those English Grammar purists who cringe when a sentence ends in a preposition - Please visit her site, which has more DooM-related stuff than at which you can shake a stick. Heh.]

I'd also like to thank StevesTemplates for the web design you see before you. Feel free to visit that site to get ideas for your own web pages or to download a template or two.

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